About Us

Coffee is a beverage of choice for many – loved, consumed and appreciated by millions for its amazing taste, tantalising aroma & stimulating properties. Grown in various regions around the globe, the diverse climatic conditions and environments where cultivation takes place contribute to the wide spectrum of Tastes and Aromas.


Balozi Coffee® of Gateway and Partners Ltd recognises the duality of producer (farmer) and consumer, taking upon itself to enrich the partnership through capture of the Taste and Aromas for which coffee is loved for.


Working and adding capacity to producers through extension services of the Mukao Foundation, we ensure high quality yields & at the same time give their produce exposure to the global market of coffee processors via our online ecommerce platform.


Balozi Coffee® uses choice beans in partnership with primary suppliers, taking the utmost care during processing and packaging to preserve the Taste and Aromas in each pouch sold. Use of re-sealable pouches ensures continued preservation of its attributes.


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